After any possible Covid-19 exposure our crews decontaminate themselves as well as our ambulances and equipment following a strict decontamination process set forth by the NYS Department of Health. Our processes include spraying and wiping down all equipment and the inside of the ambulance with a decontamination solution as well as using a UV light sterilization process to sterilize our equipment and the inside of the ambulance

Our providers are following all of the current CDC guidance utilizing N-95 masks, eye protection and gloves on every call to ensure we stay protected and protect you while providing care. If a patient is confirmed to have Covid-19 or is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms we also will be wearing a disposable gown or coveralls

Gouverneur Rescue Squad

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We also have recently acquired several PAPR respirator hoods for our providers to wear while treating patients.

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is handling

Our providers are well equipped to provide care even during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you or someone in your household needs emergency care do not hesitate to call 911!