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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost so much for an ambulance response?

Staffing our highly-trained staff (career and volunteer) and maintaining our vehicles and equipment dedicated to answering emergency

9-1-1 calls in our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is expensive. The high cost involved in staffing, training and equipping four ambulances is paid for through a combination of user fees that are billed to those who actually use the service, and an ambulance tax subsidy from the Towns we Provide Coverage too. We call this the “Cost of Readiness”

The fees for ambulance service are typically based on prevailing Medicare rates. Medicare has a base amount they pay for services; rural agencies like Gouverneur Rescue are allowed a small amount more than urban ambulance services to allow for more fuel, vehicle costs and payroll hours. Every agency can add their typical “cost of readiness” onto the Medicare base amount to recoup as much of the agency’s expenses as possible. Gouverneur Rescue crews may ask the patient or a relative to sign a billing statement (Release Authorization), to authorize direct billing of insurance companies..

I have HMO, Medicare, or Medicaid insurance, can you bill them directly?

We do submit claims to various insurance companies. There are many steps to this process, which if not handled immediately will result in a delay of receiving your payment. Once we have this information, your claim will be submitted manually or electronically.

I was in a car accident – how is that billed? If you were transported as a result of a motor vehicle crash, your medical expenses are covered under the No-Fault portion of your vehicle’s insurance. Gouverneur Rescue will obtain the car insurance carrier information and New York Law requires that the claim be submitted to the insurance carrier within 45 days of the accident.

I was injured on the job and I received a bill, why is that?

Please ask your employer to contact our billing vendor immediately regarding this. We need to have your Workers’ Compensation carrier information.

I received a check from my insurance company, what should I do?

If Gouverneur Rescue transported you or a loved one to the hospital our billing company will bill your insurance company directly. Many insurance companies send the reimbursement check directly to the patient. If you should receive a check, please sign the back side of the check and forward it to Gouverneur Rescue. If you keep the check, Gouverneur Rescue will continue to bill you for the service provided and if you sign the check and keep it or deposit it we consider this a theft of services and will attempt to collect what is due for our service through our court systems or by collections.

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