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911 Response - Prehospital Medical Services

We believe that high quality medical care doesn't wait to begin in an Emergency Room. It begins within your home, at the scene of the accident or the moment a life-threatening illness strikes.  

 Gouverneur Rescue is recognized as a reliable 911 ambulance service and a trusted provider to the 516 square miles and several communities in the greater Gouverneur area that we cover. 

Our Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics that arrive on scene are trained to perform advanced assessments, rapidly administer high quality Basic or Advanced Life Support Care, coordinate with surrounding EMS agencies, Fire departments and Air Medical services, communicate with medical control physicians, and transport patients to the most appropriate health care facility.

Our mission is to put our community first while providing compassionate, professional healthcare to those we serve in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

We staff our four Advance Life Support (ALS) equipped Ambulances 24/7/365 with a combination of Paid and Volunteer staff.

Our Levels of Care

Our EMT’s are trained in the assessment of a patient, handling emergencies using Basic Life Support equipment and techniques. Must be able to perform CPR, control bleeding, provide non-invasive treatment of hypoperfusion, stabilize / immobilize injured bones and the spine, manage environmental emergencies and emergency childbirth. Must be able to use a semi-automatic defibrillator. Must be able to assist patients with self-administration or administer emergency medications as described in state and local protocol.
Our Advanced EMT’s combine their education in Basic Life Support with some additional training in Advanced Life Support using skills such as intravenous therapy with medications, cardiac defibrillator and advanced airway adjuncts to control the airway in cases of respiratory and cardiac arrest.
 Our Paramedics are trained to perform Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) skills with extensive training in the use of a cardiac monitor/defibrillator and intravenous drugs and fluids.   We also provide advanced training to equip our Paramedics with the skills and education necessary for Critical Care transport using equipment like a ventilator and administration of blood products and specialty medications

*Simulated Patient Scenario*